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From the Heart of Linda King

I became a Christian my junior year in college.  I was an art student at Colorado State University.  I was SO excited with this brand-new relationship I now had with the Lord Jesus, that I decided that I wanted to live in a continual awareness of His presence with me!  Well, I, too often, got distracted.  So, the Lord started teaching me how to use visual reminders that would draw me back into a realization of His presence with me.

As an art student, I wanted to communicate what I was learning from Him in my art.  I painted paintings, but no one could figure out what I was trying to say.  I was a potter, and I carved messages in the sides of my pots, but the glaze ran down and filled in the message.  I was very frustrated.  Then, at last, I got involved with photography and multimedia presentations.  Now, I could weave together images, words, and music, and that communicated!

Through the years, I have continued to explore different ways to communicate.  I have always felt that one thing the Lord wanted to do through me was to “produce the tools to equip the Saints to do the work of ministry.”  The products on this website are some of those tools.  “May the work of our hands become tools in your hands for the Savior!”


How to Use Videos as a Personal Ministry

Videos provide marvelous opportunities to communicate deep, spiritual truths to the mind and the heart by weaving together unforgettable images, inspiring words, and beautiful music.  Shepherd & Associates offers you interdenominational, Christian videos which are ideal to use in ministry.

•Use for spiritual retreats and conferences.

•Use for small groups, circle meetings, civic club programs.

•Sunday Schools, singles ministries, and Bible study groups.

•Perfect for recovery groups, rehabilitation, & discipleship training.

•Use during your personal quiet time as encouragement and inspiration.

•Meaningful entertainment when family or friends are visiting.

•Perfect for family devotions.

•Invite your neighbors over and show them one of these videos.

Share with your friends when they need encouragement.

•Let the videos brighten the day of a shut-in or someone who’s ill.