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Linda King has produced many video presentations for colleges, schools, children’s homes, and ministries.  She was very honored to be able to produce the teaching videos of Major W. Ian Thomas and videos for Drs. Earl & Sandy Wilson of Tuff Stuff Ministries.  The following videos are offered as her own personal ministry.

These 3 timeless, Biblically based DVDs by producer Linda King are being used to bring inspiration, insight, encouragement, and the Good News of Jesus Christ to many people in many settings!  Use them for:

• Spiritual retreats and conferences
• Sunday Schools & Bible study groups
• Discipleship training & formation classes
• Ministries to singles, seniors, & widows’ groups
• Recovery groups, counseling programs, & prison ministries
• Share them with family, visitors, shut-in, & neighborhood outreach

A Study Guide with Producer Comments is included with each video.

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Listen…to the Butterfly

26 Minutes

We are excited to tell you that “Listen to the Butterfly” video is now available on YouTube!

Through the narration, the images, and the music, this presentation communicates the beauty, the warmth, the love God has for us. The central theme is trust and letting go. God has used “Listen to the Butterfly” in individual lives at various stages, from the letting go during the initial commitment to Christ, to the letting go of those things we hang onto as we search for meaning and security in our lives, or to the letting go of all that we use to fill that void within us that only Christ can fill. The result is a 26-minute presentation with brilliant images, a moving soundtrack, and a powerful message which is appropriate for all ages.

Through the use of dissolving still photography during the caterpillar and chrysalis stages which then moves into live footage of the butterflies flying and all of creation coming alive, the producer communicates the extraordinary change that occurs when we receive Christ as our Savior and our Life!

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”   II Corinthians 5:17 NIV

Here is the Study Guide for “Listen to the Butterfly.”  Please feel free to duplicate for your group.




The Potter 

27 Minutes


We are excited to tell you that “The Potter” video is now available on YouTube!


“The Potter” is an inspirational allegory illustrating our walk with the Lord through the image of the potter and the clay.  As you watch the Potter take a broken, previously used piece of dry clay and form it into a usable, beautiful vessel, you’ll see the depth of this parable. You may recognize the breaking process, the wedging, the on-the-wheel experiences of your life…the fire, the glaze, the second fire…but “through it all” you’ll hopefully see the purposeful, creative hand of the Master Potter. Described as “a sensitive presentation weaving many Biblical truths into one beautiful message,” “The Potter” has a powerful ministry of encouragement for Christians, and has been used by the Holy Spirit in bringing those who do not know Him to say, “Make me a new creature, Lord!”


Here is the Study Guide for “The Potter.”  Please feel free to duplicate for your group.




The Secret of the Vine

31 Minutes

We are excited to tell you that “The Secret of the Vine” video is now available on YouTube!


“The Secret of the Vine” is an inspirational allegory teaching  the  deep  spiritual truths  of  John  15… “I Am the Vine, you are the branches!”

With only moments left — most probably on the way to the garden–Jesus spoke of relationships to those who followed Him by pointing to the grapevines. In this allegory you may identify with the branches whose natural tendency is to go off in many directions; hopefully you’ll come to a new appreciation of what it means to “abide in the vine” and even come to see purpose in pruning. “The Secret of the Vine” illustrates “Christ in me!” It’s a reflection on hope, on comfort, on obedience, on abiding, on belonging, on intimacy…with the Vine and with the Keeper.


Here is the Study Guide for “The Secret of the Vine.”  Please feel free to duplicate for your group.



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